Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to build my deck based on the color identity of my Noble card?
A: No, you may build your deck using any colors.

Q: Why use the Command Zone? Why not just shuffle the Noble card into your library and draw it normally?
A: It wouldn't be much fun to lose if your opponent got their super-powered Noble card in their opening hand while yours waited on the bottom of your library. To take some of the luck out of the equation, the card is available for use from the beginning of the game.

Q: Why doesn't the Noble card go back to the Command Zone if it is destroyed/exiled?
A: Rares and Mythic rares typically have a much higher power level than commons, which make up the bulk of a Noble Deck Instead of leading to attrition wars based on who has their Noble on the field the most, we felt that it was appropriate to let the Noble card act normally if destroyed or exiled. This allows for graveyard strategies to exist, and doesn't neuter your Disentombs. It also incentivises you to think about this interaction and include graveyard hate like Relic of Progenitus as necessary.

Q: Why is it called the "Noble" format?
A: Well, there's Pauper, which is the lowest of the socioeconomic classes. Then there is Peasant, which is the next step up. A Peasant was a person who worked the land, usually as a farmer. The peasant rented the land from the owner, the Noble, which is sort of the next socioeconomic class up. Now, a Noble is not technically the next socioeconomic class above Peasant, "Yeoman" is. A Yeoman is basically a free Peasant, one who owns their own land. In our humble estimation "Yeoman" is a terrible name for a format, so "Noble" is the choice!

Q: Does Command Tower produce mana of the color(s) of my Noble Card?
A: While Command Tower is legal in this format, because there is no "Commander", the land does not produce any mana when tapped.

Q: Does the MTGO Master's Edition set count towards the lowest printed rarity?
A: No. Only cards which are actually printed on paper count towards the lowest printed rarity.

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