The other side of STORM

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The other side of STORM

Postby Crivaro » Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:47 pm

4x Breakthrough
4x Cloud of Faeries
4x Deep Analysis
4x Desperate Ritual
6x Forest
3x Grapeshot
4x Ideas Unbound
9x Island
4x Lotus Petal
4x Manamorphose
3x Thought Courier
4x Tinder Farm
1x Uba Mask
2x Utopia Sprawl
4x Wild Cantor

Too bad Frantic Search & Gush is banned ;) Uba mask (NOBLE) stops my opponent from intervening or countering. And the UNCOMMON 4x Breakthrough without drawback for 1 mana should give this deck the kick! Critique is always welcomed, I usually don't play Grapeshot-Decks. Done over at T/O. Maybe replace Thought Couriers with Dangerous Wager...? And I think I need to add some Phyrexian-Cards... oO - visit me =)
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