Seismic Assault

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Seismic Assault

Postby LordUrsus » Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:36 pm

1. Seismic Assault as the Noble.
2. 4 Violent Outburst and 4 Treasure Hunt
3. 51 lands

That is the list.

Did I just break the format?

Edit: Complete decklist:

N: Seismic Assault

U: 4 Gemstone Mine

4 Violent Outburst
4 Treasure Hunt

4 Terramorphic Expanse
4 Evolving Wilds
4 Gruul Turf (Soon to be Gruul Guildgate)
4 Izzet Guildgate
4 Rupture Spire
4 Transguild Promenade
1 Island
1 Forest
21 Mountain
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Re: Seismic Assault

Postby mandroid » Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:58 pm

This seems pretty good against aggro, but pretty much folds to counterspells and disenchants. But honestly, can this deck race RDW? You're not even doing anything till turn 3 unless you manage the cavern, and by that time RDW will have gotten >= 2 creatures to damage you. Sure, none of their other creatures will damage you probably, but by playing reactively to their creatures you open yourself up to getting knocked out by their burn spells that do more damage than your assault discards.

This seems like it needs testing, cause I'm not sure it's broken. If anything it seems like it might be weak considering the additional value that stuff like Disenchant has in this format, as there usually seem to be targets for it, as there is no way to recover from your assault getting destroyed. If you add in a manland you could have another win condition.
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