Spinning Fables

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Spinning Fables

Postby graft » Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:12 pm

1 x Fable Of Wolf And Owl

4 x Spellstutter Sprite
4 x Coiling Oracle
4 x Shardless Agent
1 x Mulldrifter
3 x Ambush Viper
1 x Winged Coatl

3 x Cultivate
1 x Sprout Swarm
2 x Peel From Reality
4 x Explore
4 x Arcane Denial
4 x Brainstorm

4 x Simic Growth Chamber
8 x Forest
8 x Island
4 x Evolving Wilds


This is something of a gimmick list since 6-mana enchantments are pretty bad, but I like the list overall. Shardless Agent is a good card. I've had difficulty using him in the past because if I'm playing blue, I want to have some amount of countermagic, but cascading into a counterspell is disheartening even if you don't have to cast it. In this deck it isn't the worst thing if you cascade into your countermagic, since Spellstutter Sprite typically won't counter Shardless Agent, and Arcane Denial turns Shardless Agent into a draw-3 spell. If you have Fable of Wolf and Owl in play, you just spent 3 mana to draw 3 and put 4 power on board.

I'm a little unsure of whether Peel from Reality is the right choice over Aether Tradewinds. I went with peel to lower the curve and I'm assuming that most decks will play a decent number of creatures. Against a creatureless deck though, I would definitely regret that choice. Let me know what you think.

This is also the first of what will be many apologies for not being an active member. I'll also admit that I only had time to make this post because my boss isn't at work today, and I definitely don't feel like working!
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Re: Spinning Fables

Postby mandroid » Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:07 pm

This list definitely looks fun. I think I might have a spare copy of that noble, and if I do it'll be a shoe in for the meta generated by my irl decks, as they're all pretty slow and grindy, and this noble unanswered generates tons of card advantage. Looking forward to playing some build of this against my Dralnu, Lich Lord deck.

No other spells really come to mind for this one. Bant Sureblade would be pretty good if you can consistently turn him on, especially against critter decks, but it could also be a liability if you can't keep him on.
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