Noble Mill Deck

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Noble Mill Deck

Postby obelixj » Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:21 am

Hi all ;)

Playtested it a single time, where it worked quite well. Not the fastest deck - but fun to make milling work in a format.

60 cards
1x Noble: Image, 4x Uncommons: Image
4x: Image 4x: Image 4x: Image
4x: Image 4x: Image 4x: Image
4x: Image 4x: Image 3x: Image
20x: Image

Main idea of the deck is to protect yourself as good as you can, mindsculpt and dream twist as much as you can. Get down Mr. Jace. Use his "mill for ten" ability, and hope you mill your opponent before he strikes you down.

The deck is made out of cards reaching back only to a few M12 cards - that in all honesty probably could be changed into newer variants.
Keeping the sets for this deck around the Standard format makes it both fun, and easy to acquire. I think ;)

Critics, ideas, response is all welcome!
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Re: Noble Mill Deck

Postby mandroid » Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:03 am

Jace's Erasure may be worth a copy or two, as it requires no additional commitment beyond the two mana. It also makes Jace's +1 a little better. Also Vapor Snag is typically better than unsummon, but not so much here since the life is irrelevant. Maybe Boomerang may be better since it can bounce broken nobles, setting you up for the counterspell.

Also, Delver gets much worse the more non-instant/sorcery spells you play. Right now you're at 15 creatures which is a little more than delver usually plays. Now, Delver is still great in your deck as an option to hold back stuff like goblins from going all in, but you're going to have trouble with combo decks unless you add more counterspells. Broken Ambition is like Syncopate but you may get some mill action.

It seems like you're going sligh with this one, but if you decide to go more control heavy then Dreadwaters can take out a whole chunck at once. Induce Paranoia is great if you plan on going blue black, as is Mystical Teachings. Memory Lapse can stop a big spell then get it milled away for the super great price of 1U. Shriekgeist is a great little critter that will do insane milling if you attach the blade. Thought Scour and Ray of Erasure can ensure your sligh build hits all your drops, as will tome scour and the all-star of mill one drops, hedron crab. If you're truly going sligh I'd recommend hedron crab as your uncommon over almost anything else, as it will usually hit for 6 or more cards, plus it plays defense against most one drops. If uncontested, the crab can easily mill 12+ cards, 3 a turn. The blade mills until it hits a land, which depending on the deck you're playing against will average 2-3 cards a turn depending on their land count. So basically the crab will mill more quickly at first but later on you're only getting about 1 card per turn since you're playing 20/60 lands (every 3rd turn you draw a land, and the crab mills 3, so 1 card/turn). So if you're building sligh go crab, if you're building control go blade.

Belltower sphinx is great for defense against nonwhite nonblack decks who have no way of removing it. Chill of foreboding is massive mill, and psychic spiral will probably end the game the turn it is played assuming you've been doing stuff in the meantime

Aaaaaand that's all that gatherer returned for blue spells which had the words 'library into graveyard'.

Personally I would argue for cutting three/four avens for 3/4 memory lapse and possibly a shriekgeist. I would also argue cutting the blades for the hedron crabs, and cutting the chronic flooding (because later on your opponent will refuse to activate it) for 2 broken ambition and 2 shriekgeist. I'd also argue for replacing unsummon with boomerang so you don't just die to an broken enchantment/artifact noble.

Also if you want to see my take on a noble mill, it's here: Counterspells backed by into the roil brainstorm and oona's grace! Just drop forced fruition for the win!
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If you want to play Noble over the net, PM me and we can work out the details. I am interested in establishing a metagame.
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