• TappedOut: A MTG deckbuilding site. Create your own decks, share them, and talk on the forum and whatnot!.
  • Draw 3 Cards: A MTG Stack Overflow site where you can get all the help you need with any questions MTG related.
  • EDH Format: The official site for a popular format, one which helped inspire Noble.
  • MTG Salvation Wiki: An MTG wiki with slightly over 4000 articles.
  • MTG Wiki: Another MTG wiki, this one with slightly under 4000 articles.
  • Multiverse: A site which hosts a custom card and set making software. Build your own sets from the ground up, contribute to other's sets, or just attempt challenges!
  • Magic Cards With Googly Eyes: A blog dedicated to putting googly eyes on MTG cards and taking pictures of the results.
  • MTG Altered Art Gallery: View archives of altered magic cards. Hundreds to see.