Comprehensive Rules

Below are the comprehensive rules for the Noble variant. A printable PDF version is also available. For the plain English version, please see the About page.

100. Noble

100.1. In the Noble variant, each deck features a rare or mythic rare card as that deck's Noble card. The Noble variant uses all the normal rules for a Magic game, with the following additions.

100.2. Each deck has a card with the rare or mythic rare rarity designated as its Noble card. This designation is not a characteristic of the object represented by the card; rather, it is an attribute of the card itself.

100.3. Each Noble deck is subject to the following deck construction rules.

100.3a Each deck must contain a minimum of sixty cards, including its Noble card. There is no maximum deck size; however, you must be able to shuffle your deck with no assistance.

100.3b If a player wishes to use a sideboard, it must contain exactly fifteen cards.

100.3c With the exception of basic land cards, a player's combined deck and sideboard may not contain more than four of any individual card, counted by its English card title equivalent. All cards named Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest are basic.

100.3d A player's combined deck and sideboard must contain exactly one card with either a rare or mythic rare rarity. This card is designated as the deck's Noble card.

100.3e A player's combined deck and sideboard may contain up to four cards with the uncommon rarity.

100.3f The remainder of a player's combined deck and sideboard must only contain cards with the common rarity and basic land cards.

100.4. At the start of the game, each player puts his or her Noble card from his or her deck face down into the command zone. Then each player shuffles the remaining cards of his or her deck so that the cards are in a random order. Those cards become the player's library.

100.5. A player may look at his or her Noble card at any time.

100.6. A player may cast his or her Noble card from the command zone whenever he or she would be able to normally cast their Noble card.
Example: A player's Noble card is Snapcaster Mage. That player may cast Snapcaster Mage from the command zone during his or her opponent's end step, since Snapcaster Mage has flash.

100.6a If a Noble card has the keyword Suspend, then that player may suspend the card from the command zone.